New Bowler Intakes

New bowlers are welcome at any time and we have adequate coaches to teach them individually. Just speak to our Duty Steward on 01206 570432 and he will advise you who to contact to arrange your coaching session.

However we do, on occasion, have group intakes normally in April when groups of new bowlers are coached together allowing them to make contact with other new bowlers and developing a friendship with them to carry on through their membership. We do not intend to hold a course this year (2019) but this will be reviewed at the end of October and, if necessary, details will be placed here if we decide to run a recruitment campaign. Individuals or partners/couples may of course still apply.
 Last years New Bowlers Course was of 6 hours duration and comprised of 3 sessions each of 2 hours. The first session took place on Wednesday 11th April at 19.00 followed by two more sessions on Saturday 14th of April at 10.00 and Wednesday 18th April at 19.00 respectively. We had a very good response last year and have approximately 40 new Members. If you wish to join the Club as an existing Bowler then please contact the Duty Steward on 01206 570432 during opening hours. If beginners would like to join and be coached on a one to one basis then please  ring our Head Coach, Mr David Lunnon, on 01206 549766 to book your place.

Updated 11th April 2019

Updated 17th May 2018