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1st December 2020

It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Nora Drinkell on Saturday 28th November. Nora joined the club as a playing Member in October 1984 and will be sorely missed by her family and friends.
No further details are known at this stage

27th November 2020

Good news folks, we are to come out of lockdown on 2nd December and will therefore, under the stricter rules of Tier 2, reopen the restaurant on Thursday 3rd December for meals and alcoholic refreshments if you so need.  Reservations will be needed

We are reverting to the same opening hours and days as our earlier Tier 2 namely Noon until 15.00 weekdays only. Masks to be worn on entry to the Club, Social distancing must be STRICTLY observed. So, sign in on entry and be prepared for your body temperature check. Do not remove your facemasks until seated in the restaurant.
NB: It is table service only. You may NOT order drinks from the bar at any time. The Xmas Meals will be held as planned and you should book your places asap to give the Caterers every chance of satisfying your requirements.

IMPORTANT ----------- Casual drinking in the bar without a substantial meal is not allowed at any time. This includes refreshments of any kind.
Regrettably Bowling cannot recommence yet so we will not be able to commence our planned league games in January as hoped unless the Government reduce the Tier Level requirements.  It is likely that if we are allowed to bowl again this season it will be Roll-Ups only and these will need to be booked using the online booking system or by phoning the Duty Steward but more details later if that occurs.
Thank you and regards to all,
AWH 12.25

16th November 2020

There is no further news as yet so "Status Quo"

3rd November 2020

The following has been received from the EIBA and confirms our current stance on the Club status as a result of the Covid-19 Virus Pandemic.
"Folowing the Government announcement that England will be placed in a COVID-19 National Lockdown from Thursday 5th November 2020, it is regrettable that Indoor Bowls is not permitted to take place"
Our previous staement re closure is therefore further clarified and we hopefully look forward to at least a Level 2 (Tier 2) status on or around 2nd December when hopefully our Restaurant and Bar will again be open again and serving our splendid Xmas meals. Don't be deterred from booking because we are closed as our caterers will be available to tackle Xmas Meal bookings on their contact numbers. (07581 472180 or 07849 152630)

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Bryan Edgar, aged 56, on November 1st. Our deepest sympathies go out to all his family especially to his wife Ann.
Bryan will be sadly missed here at the Club as he was a regular bowler and had a large number of friends and associates here and at the Silver End Bowls Club where he was also a member. As and when we get any further details they will be posted here. We are closed completely with effect from 15.00 tomorrow, November 4th until further notice.

1st November 2020

Following the Government announcement yesterday it is evident that the Club will have to close again if we are to comply with the rules. As yet we do not have any firm guidance from EIBA, although we have had a chance to discuss these rules at Development Committee level.
So, with effect from closure on Wednesday 3rd November the club will remain closed until further notice. This includes the current open status for the restaurant and bar as they fall under the same ruling. It seems likely that the restaurant and bar could possibly open up again on December 3rd if Essex returns to Level 2 but until that is confirmed we are no wiser on what we will be able to do.
Further details will be added on a regular basis as and when things alter. In the meantime, stay safe and follow the guidelines.
Thank you.
AWH - 10.50

27th October 2020

As Essex has now moved into the Tier 2 level of the Covid-19 regulationswe have had no option other than to close the Club for bowling. We are however able to keep the restaurant and bar open provided that we, as a club, give our support to the Catering Team to keep them from having to close completely.  As such, they will be open from 12 noon until 15.00 on weekdays only and it is advisable to book your places in advance as seating availability is limited.
Please note that the rule of 6 still applies and that you should wear a face mask at all times within the Club unless you are eating or drinking. It is equally important that you all observe social distancing at all time and please note that meals and drinks are provided as table service only.

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of Pam Wilkin last weekend and our sympathies go out to her husband Don and all her family members. Pam was a keen bowler and she and Don were regularly seen bowling at the Club in both Points and friendlies.

8th October 2020

There have been no further changes to the rules and regulations since our last report on 23rd September but as you are all probably well aware, the incidents of the virus are on the increase again and as a result we are expecting further regulations to be issued by the Government very shortly. It is imperative that Members continue to observe the Social Distancing rules when at the Club and to ensure the rules are maintained. Wer are still operating on 7 days a week so there is plenty of opportunity to practice or play in the current triples league commencing on the 27th October.

23 September 2020

Following the lastest guidelines and rulings issued by the Government on 22nd September we draw your attention to the following:
1) With immediate effect the bar and restaurant will be operating as a table service only. Under no circumstances are Members allowed to order drinks at the bar. The Duty Steward will be available in the bar area to take your order which in turn will be brought to your table. The Steward will be able to take payment by card or cash when he delivers your order. For Members bowling who wish to place an order you must wait until the Duty Steward does his rounds when he will be happy to take your order and deliver it to you at your rink. You may not go to the bar.
2) Social distancing must me maintained at all times including when bowling. Under the new rulings you may only converse with the members on your own rink thereby ensuring that the "rule of six" is being adhered to. You must not wander around the Club talking to other bowlers or Members that are not within your group of six.
3) The wearing of masks or visors is still applicable but is now extended to all areas of the Club including the bar and restaurant unless you are eating or drinking at your table.
Please bear with us if you are not attended to immediately. This is a new system and we will do our utmost to ensure that we make these transitions as smooth as possible so we ask for your understanding in these difficult times.

12 September 2020

We are giving consideration to running a simple Medley Triples League during the period October to December 2020 inclusive and would appreciate it if those who would like to take part would give their names and preferred playing positions to either Martin French or Brian L Smith as soon as possible.

11 September 2020

The latest announcements from HM Govt incorporating the "Rule of 6" has little or no affect on our current regime but we are however adopting the practice of body temperature sensing as you enter the Club prior to you signing in for the Track & Trace requirement. Members may therefore have to form a 2 metre seperation queue whilst the Duty Steward or his assistant monitors each Members temperature by means of a hand held device. This procedure should ensure that no-one will be allowed to enter the Club should they show a temperature in the amber or red range.  This should give a higher degree of comfort to all Members whilst they remain in the Club. We therefore hope that you will show patience if you have to wait a little longer before you can enter the Club.  This added precaution is not 100% bug-proof so it will have no effect on the requirement to wear a mask or visor in line with our current rulings.

27 August 2020

The latest update from the EIBA (Issue 5 dated 26/08/20) has now been implemented at the Club and we would advise you all that it is now mandatory for masks to be worn on entering the Club, whilst in the bar or restaurant, unless eating or drinking, when the mask may be lowered or removed.
Masks or visors are still to be worn whilst bowling at all times unless you are on the mat to deliver your bowl, when they again, may be lowered or removed. The face covering must be replaced once the bowl has been delivered. Again, this is mandatory and must be adhered to at all times. Failure to comply with this instruction will result in you being asked to leave the Club until such times as you see fit to comply or the mandatory rules are lifted and confirmed by the Management. The full document can be viewed on and then "Returning to Indoor Bowls Guidance", Issue 5. This directive was issued by the EIBA on receiving the Government Directive on 21st August 2020.
We wish to assure our Members that we are doing our utmost to ensure that they are best protected whilst at the Club and note that, to date, Colchester IBC have been ahead of the game with all aspects of Government and EIBA directives and not just the aspect of masks. It is our intention to stay ahead.

24 August 2020

Delighted to report that we are now, after the first week back, starting to see an increase in the number of Members returning to play; albeit for Roll-Ups at present. Many of you are also paying your Membership Fees for the upcoming year by using your debit/credit cards either over the phone or at the bar. This is a tremendous help to the Club and we encourage you all to use it as appropriate. Your rink fees and bar bill can also be paid in the same way.
When you come to the Club, please hand sanitise from the sanitiser on the left hand side just before you reach the entrance to the bar, then sign in to the Track & Trace diary on the table on the left as you enter the Bar. The Steward can't always be there to remind you so please make every effort to do this before doing anything else. Your co-operation with this process is much appreciated by all the Club Members as it is vital we know who is in the Club, who has been in the Club and how we can contact you.

19 August 2020

The subject of the wearing of masks was again discussed at the Development Committee meeting this afternoon as we agreed to continually monitor the necessity of the current rule.
We have received a few comments from those that have returned to bowling already and some do not think that it is necessary as we already employ social distancing. We agree that the wearing of masks or visors is not ideal but we, as a private members club, have a duty of care to all members and employees. The very nature of our sport lends itself to the demographic age groups where the majority of our Members are in the upper age bracket when considering vulnerability to the Covid-19 virus.
We have therefore decided to ask our members to give their views on whether the club should relax the rules to optional useage when bowling as the comments so far have come from a small selection of bowlers after just three days of our return to Roll Ups. As you already know, we have taken many steps to minimise risks so we intend to run with the current ruling to wear a mask or visor whilst bowling until the end of August when it will be reviewed again. So, in the interim, please let us know what your feelings are and we will, as a responsible body, take the necessary steps to keep all our Members as safe as we possibly can. You can email us on:-  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by traditional post.



Playing Rules for Roll-Ups

Dear Members

As we are about to re-open the Club for bowling (17/08/20) we need to advise you all that initially, roll ups will be limited to a maximum of Triples and across 4 rinks only (1, 3,4 and 6) to allow for social distancing to be adhered to! As guidance changes, we may be able to increase the number of rinks in use and/or the number of players allowed to participate and at one time.

The dress code has been relaxed but shirts must have a collar. The relaxing of the code does not mean scruffs. Smart casual is acceptable. When you arrive, you should be dressed to play, and you may change into your bowls footwear at the end of your rink. Bowls bags and shoes should be placed sensibly and not cause a tripping hazard for others.

Face masks or PPE type visors will be mandatory when bowling unless you fall into one of the categories advised by the government that is exempt and have documentary evidence.

The number of seats in the bowls area has also been reduced to assist with maintaining social distancing. For example, when playing triples, we would expect the 2 skips to be at one end. Either the number 1’s or the number 2’s on the rink when they are due to bowl and, when not bowling, sitting up off the rink.

These measures are designed to eliminate more than one person touching equipment so sanitisation is only required at the end of each session.

  • STARTING - Toss for starting if you decide to play a friendly match
  • THE MAT - The starting Lead will be responsible for placing the mat for the whole session regardless of which side wins the end. Thereafter, the position of the mat will be indicated by the Lead of the winning end.
  • THE JACK/S – Two JACKS will be employed, one at each end. One will be placed by the starting Skip on the first end and, thereafter, where the Skip of the winning end wishes the Jack to be placed. The Skip will position the Jack using the foot rather than the hand.
  • OWN BOWLS - Bowlers must only touch their own bowls, using the foot to collect the remaining bowls as usual. If, during the game, a bowl drops into the ditch it must remain there until all have bowled and the owner of said bowl must be the one to recover it.
  • CHALKING & MEASURING – Care should be taken not to touch either the jack or the bowl/s in question and that the measurers opposite number uses the foot to remove the bowl/s once completed. Do not share the tape. Use your own. Touchers must be spray chalk marked as you may NOT touch the bowls.
  • CHANGING ENDS - When changing ends, bowlers must adhere to the 2-metre social distancing rule e.g. using the Left-hand side of your rink and walking in single file.
  • SCOREBOARDS & CARDS - If you decide to use the electronic score boards then only one person should be nominated to enter the scores. This should be the non-starting Skip and necessitates the score being entered on every other end. If a scorecard is utilised, then one player should be nominated, and it should be carried with them and not left on the tables.
  • SESSION COMPLETE – On completion of the session, bowlers should make every effort to vacate the bowls arena as quickly as possible, having changed their footwear. This will allow the Steward/s time to sanitise the rink equipment prior to the next session start time.

12 August 2020

Club Bar Reopens

29 July 2020

To assist us in re-establishing our new database and Membership numbers for re-opening for bowling, can we please ask you to pay, slightly in advance of the due date (01/09/2020), for your membership for the 2020/21 season as soon as possible. If you are unsure of how much to pay this year please refer to the letter/email sent out earlier or ring the Club Steward who will advise you.

Remember that there is no charge for your lockers, at least initially but retain your locker key,

Payment for this week should be by cheque or cash as usual, From August 3rd you can pay by most major Credit or Debit Cards (excluding AMEX) by visiting the Club or phoning the Duty Steward.  Thanking you in advance for your co-operation and payments.

20 July 2020

We are continuing to work towards an opening date of 17th August 2020 for bowling. The first wave of bowling will hopefully be the continuation of the Club Competitions to include the Finals and then to move into a phase of Roll-Ups so that we can all get some practice in before we move to the next phase, i.e. League Matches. All these planned openings are still bound by Government edicts and advice so don't bank on them. Keep an eye on here and we will let you definite dates as soon as we know.
Stay safe - Ashley

National Competitions

Please see EIBA News on their website

7 July 2020

NB Please return your completed Data Sheets sent to you recently as these are needed to complete the new database for the online booking system and admin purposes. We have a deadline to meet to achieve our target opening date and the Data Sheets form part of that process. Drop them off by hand / post them / email as an attachment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible please.
Thank you


Monday, 24th July 2020

It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of two of our longstanding Members, namely Austin Heffernan and Mary Clarke.  Austin passed away at the end July 2020 and Mary on Tuesday 11th August 2020.  Our deepest sympathies go out to all their families. Regrettably we have no details regarding Austin's funeral so hope that someone can advise us if they know more.
Mar's funeral will be a Private affair but the Funeral webcast can be seen on September 1st at 12.30 on https// Log in with User name Yuye1156 and password 152528

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of David Whitehorn.  David passed away peacefully at home on Thursday 7th May 2020 and our deepest symapthies go out to his family and, in particular his wife Sheila, his twins Stephen and Sharon and all his grandchildren and extended family and friends.
David joined CIBC in February 1986 and his proudest moment was reaching the National Finals at Melton Mowbray. He will be sorely missed by many of his friends and colleagues along with all the Members of Arclight BC.
Further details will be promulgated when known.

Monday, 18th May 2020

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of one of our Club Stewards, Mr Reg Bedford, aged 70.  Reg passed away suddenly on the morning of Sunday, 17th May and he will be sadly missed by all his family, including his brother and sister, Paul and Sue; his two sons, Jason and Gordon; his grandson and granddaughter, Jordan and Nicole and many of his friends and colleagues, both Bowlers from this Club, Football Players and Referees in Essex.  Reg joined our Club in October 2014 and, very soon after, signed on as one of our Assistant Stewards.  He will be sorely missed and, as we are all very aware, he loved his bowls and this Club in particular.
Reg's funeral will take place at 13.15 on Thursday 11th June at the Colchester Crematorium and advise that due to the Covid-19 virus the attendance will be limited to 10 family members only.
Reg's family have asked that if anyone would like to send flowers they would rather that the money be sent to the CIBC as a donation c/o the Treasurer or Secretary. Should you wish to do that please clearly mark the Letter/Envelope with Reg's name so we know to where the donation should be allocated.

Monday, 11th May 2020

It is also with great sadness that we announce the death of Mr Peter Bernstein on Friday, 8th May.  No further details are known as yet but further details will be promulgated when available.  Peter had been a Member since 2009 and he will be sadly missed, especially by all our Points players.

Monday 22nd June 2020

It is our intention to update these Notices as and when the circumstances change or when Government directives regarding Coronavirus dictate.

Following the Governments latest advice and the opening of retail outlets, I can advise that there is substantially no change to the regime we are currently running. We should all be Socially Distancing ourselves and be alert to any risks that might arise as a result of Covid-19.  It would seem that this will remain until at least the 4th July:  awaitng further Government advice. Those of you with Email addresses will shortly be receiving an update document explaining what it is that has to be done to meet all the necessary requirements of the NHS/Gov't and HSE (Health & Safety Executive) before we can open. Those without email addresses will receive it by 2nd class post.

The status currently is that ALL Club activities are postponed until such times that we can be sure that it is safe to open again, taking into consideration the information from both the NHS and the UK Government. In so doing, we regret that the Summer League has been cancelled for 2020 and a decision has been made by Committee that all outstanding league fixtures are also cancelled and the final league positions recalculated on an average points basis. (Please see League Tables from Home Page and sub heading "Revised League Tables (19/20)")The Spring Meeting being postponed means that the selection of Committee and Sub-Committee Members for the ensuing year will take place on a suitable date once the Club re-opens.  It is highly likely that the AGM will also be postponed until we can open the doors safely. It also means that the Dales Wooden Floor Project has been deferred and it is likely that this will now be carried out at the end of the Winter season 2021, meaning a deferral period of some twelve months.

The current Committee will, therefore, remain in-situ until the revised date for the Meeting and, in accordance with Rule 4(e), may augment, by co-option, members to fill any vacancies that are deemed necessary before that date.  Be assured that our President, Treasurer, Health & Safety Supervisor and myself hold  fortnightly meetings using a remote internet medium and, therefore, we, along with other relevant Club Officers, will deal with all issues on a daily basis with virtual meetings being regularly held to monitor the progress of the Government/NHS stance in relation to social distancing and the recommencement of Indoor Bowls in particular.  The EIBA have issued a Guidance for Clubs in that respect but advise us that the earliest date for Indoor Clubs is currently 4th July 2020 but that will be amended as necessary as things progress or regress.

We are currently assessing the impact on the club of the GOV'T/EIBA/NHS/WHO and HSE instructions/guidance as there are now many things to achieve within the Club which are a requisite for re-opening. We are setting a programme to achieve this work and we will endeavour to have it all completed for our opening date, which at present, is unlikely to be before the end of August.

There are no further developments other than to urge you all to respect the guidelines from the NHS/Government

Be AlertStay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives