Colchester Indoor Bowls Club

19 reviews

Malcolm Press
4 weeks ago
Best bowls club. Friendly. Great group of members.
Patricia Barrett
5 months ago
Most enjoyable. Lots of Fun People. 👍👍 very friendly club 😀
Andrew Sales
a week ago
Nice place to bowl.
Ashley Hanmer
a month ago
Great Club but then I am a tad biased 😁
Reginald Clements
in the last week
This club is the best
Tim Mann
a year ago
Fantastic well run club for bowlers of all ages, great value for money and a lovely friendly place to be. Food always available
David Waters
9 months ago
Friendly and very well managed club with excellent bowls rinks and facilities.
Ashley Hanmer
a year ago
As Secretary of CIBC I can only recommend that if you are remotely interested in bowls or a social environment you should come along for a visit. Judge for yourself!
Anna Chalk
a year ago
Absolutely disgusted. The clubs website states 'welcomes all ages' yet my son, 16 months old, was turned out into the cold in order for me to play a game of bowls.

Utterly disgusting treatment, considering the vast majority of those people have children, grandchildren and maybe ever great-grandchildren.
Robert Newsam
10 months ago
Great club with good people complete with good bowling facilities.
tracey Johnson
a year ago
Mostly friendly you can enjoy a good game of indoor lawn bowls
Ashley Hanmer
a year ago
Fantastic facility
Recently a lady complained using the review system. To suggest that her child was turned out into the cold is a monumental exaggeration.
Her review suggests that she wasn't aware of a Club Rule which states that no children under the age of three are allowed in the bar or bowling area. Equally she has ignored what she was told the last time she visited. She also doesnt state that the grandmother was also with them and that we suggested that the child and grandmother could sit in the dining room, which they did.
Ms Chalk is welcome to contact me to discuss this matter further if she so wishes.
Ashley Hanmer
Hon. Secretary
Peter Leatherdale
7 months ago
Superb bowling facilities
Andrew Penfold
2 weeks ago
Peter Leatherdale
Response from the ownera month ago
It is gratifying to receive a 5 star rating as it reflects all the hardwork that our Club Committee have put in over the years. Thank you Peter.
Joy Marshall
a year ago
Derek Wheeler
a year ago
Response from the ownera year ago
Only 5 stars Derek? Where did we go wrong? 😄